Monday, April 16, 2012

Juice Feasting to save Mr. X? Day 16. (~Giacomo)

We thought it would be pretty rad to do a mini journal of Mr. X's progress. His starting weight on April 1st was 272lbs. Today's weight..? 232!! In just 2 weeks Juice Feasting he has already lost 40lbs, making a DRASTIC transformation. You go guy!

April 1st Day 1:

Today, Day 16:

We should have been blogging about this all long. To respect a request of anonymity, we will refer to our buddy as Mr X. Recently, he had fell victim to congestive heart failure. What this basically means is that he has chronic heart issues even after the attack. Mr X. ate a typical American diet and was looking for a change, to kick start himself into a healthy lifestyle. That is where we came into play.

It was time for a little spring cleaning anyhow and so I decided to fully support his request for help and recommended we going on a juice feast together asap. Mr. X is currently living with us so that it is easier to be there for each other throughout this.

We chose a feast over a fast to save money. What is the difference? A Juice Fast is when you consume nothing but juices. A Juice "feast" is where you consume a mix of juices and blended smoothies. Less waste, not as hard on your body and you go through less produce so it's much more cost efficient.

Mr. X is doing 2 scoops of Vega Whole Food Optimizer a day in a blended smoothie and then nothing but fruit and veggie juices for the rest of the day.

What is most important ultimately is the journey. I was ready to gear up for a mini bulking season before Mr. X approached me asking for help. It is much more important to be able to help someone else in need, than to build some muscle in my opinion. So that's the direction for a little while. We are taking it day by day with no specific end date in mind yet although we may taper off this on Sunday.

As you can see from these pictures, we go through a lot of fresh fruits and veggies!

We will be updating more regularly on this journey, possibly even daily this week! Look forward to posting more about our adventure into the world of saving lives and juice feasting one bunch of kale at a time. As Herbivore so eloquently put it, only kale can save us now!

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