Monday, May 9, 2011

P90X Update from Giacomo

Dani is much better at writing than I which is why she's headlining this blog. That and I have to juggle a 40 hour workweek for an employer plus the self employment route. I will probably phase out most hours working for someone else to focus more on the vegan community by the end of this year! Here's hoping.

Anyhow, usually I am ok with the workload and exercise however i've not dedicated as much time and effort to nutrition/training. Normally I just go for the good old fashioned weightlifting routines. Pump iron, get strong, pump more iron, get big, eat clean. The idea of a mainstream workout preplanned for me, I admit to becoming a skeptic without hearing anything about it. I went into this not knowing what to expect and not expecting anything too trying..

Boy was that impression of P90x wrong. Not only are the workouts kinda intense, the recommended meal planning is pretty hardcore. No wonder why people are into this. You are going to get results. It is like any other plan i've created for myself with all the bells and whistles and there is no need to think it out. Plus there are tons of exercises, some of which are newer to me. Of course, i've never really trained with any of these movements consistently either. This is exciting.

What impresses me the most is the flexibility aspect of this. It is in this department that I am highly lacking. What can be said other than I am stubborn and I absolutely refuse to stretch my body even though it is so self evident that it needs to be done. Lack of movement gets so bad for me it causes general discomfort throughout the day. I like the fact that there is ballistic stretching (moving stretches instead of just static ones), more stretches and a full day dedicated to yoga aka - extra cool stretching.

So for me honestly, this is rewarding enough. I cannot believe how much more i can reach for stretches in just 9 days. It is unreal and will surely be my favorite part of this transformation. I've accomplished body transformation before, but it has been at least 9 years since I could touch my toes (back when I played collegiate tennis). It feels AMAZING to have a body that can bend, twist and turn properly all day long. What was I thinking when I gave this feeling up?

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