Monday, May 9, 2011

Plyometrics. Day 9.

Plyometrics can go bleep themselves.

Too harsh? ok, ok. To be fair, I didn't properly fuel myself for this workout.

Giacomo woke up to do this workout (this is the only workout we do seperately for a couple of reasons.), and in the process, woke me up. So I went to make my morning protein shake with Vega Performance Protein, 8 oz almond milk, and my medium bana....what?! No bananas?! dammit. So we were out of bananas, so I just made my shake without, and watched Giacomo KILL this workout--no pausing, no breaks, and fairly good form (better than last week ;-p).

After he went to work, I got up to do my fair share of jumping around the living room, and I was really proud of making it 23 minutes in before I had to pause it (keep in mind the first 10 minutes is a warm up. :-/ ) , but after that first pause, it was like, every other exercise I had to pause it. I was weak, I was shaky, my heart rate was something stupid like 180....and then all of the sudden it dawned on me: "you moron, you have zero carbs in your body right now!", promptly followed by me drinking 8 oz of pinapple juice.

Although the juice helped me through the workout, it also gave me a little bit of a side cramp. This is not a workout you want to do with much in your belly. All in all, I was a little disappointed in this workout because I wanted to better than last week, not worse! I need to remember however, that I am operating at a very low-carb threshold, so feeling a little more lethargic makes sense. This is, so far, the first time I have felt like the diet has held me back.

Also....we have a terrible floor for jumping on. No matter how hard I try to land softly, it doesn't feel very soft. And the floor has a few bubbles in it too. Here's hoping we don't twist our ankles!

I wonder if Giacomo would like to make a guest post in his own blog....? He is far less cynical than I. :-D

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