Friday, May 27, 2011

by Giacomo - Results, Recap..Rest?

So far so good in the results department. I started around 196lbs and now I am down to 185lbs, which is really exciting. We are only 1/3 through this program and I am also stronger and way more fit overall. The main push for fat loss seems to have leveled out around here for me as I have maintained this weight all week. With another 60ish days to go though I am sure that our ultimate goals will be much closer in sight. One thing I also noticed was that when I do more protein shakes throughout the day as opposed to tofu and seitan (Gardein usually), my weight goes down. It is probably a combination of how quick the food passes through, the salt and also the protein shakes have a bit fewer calories although not by much. It is good to mix up the days for me. Some days more shakes and others more tofu/seitan. I kind of miss not being gluten free but it is a lot easier to follow the program this way because of the demand for more protein.

It will be very exciting to take progress pictures on Sunday as I haven't been on top of blogging this as much as dani has :-/ I still have to say though, I am most gaining the most benefit from the stretching aspect of this program. I haven't ben this flexible in a very long time and it will only be improving. It is improving the day to day, my sleep, working at a computer, walking and of course, training.

So week four is almost to an end and I do feel it was somewhat of a rest week. Not by much though. Core Synergistics was twice this week and that was definitely intense. It was also kind of funny that on 'stretch' day, Tony was asking us to do push ups. I do feel though there was an easing up on the resistance training this week and more of a focus on flexibility with a touch of core and cardio.

I am gradually getting more and more hungry and wanting meals before it is time to eat. It is getting challenging to be militant with exact portions and rather than teeter upon disordered eating, if i need that extra snack, I grab it. If there is an extra serving of condiment desired, I do it. Finally, the main gripe I had with this diet from the get go was the restriction of vegetables to four cups a day for me. If there is one thing you can never have enough of in your diet no matter what, it is veggies. So.. I have been adding an extra cup of veggies here and there. Usually it is salad although sometimes we have some extra in the evening as well.

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  1. I am with you giacomo, veggies are a free for all in my book. I hope that next week the diet eases up for you guys... I am pretty much on track with you two now as far as the schedule goes, maybe 2-3 days ahead... I missed so many days with my vacation and with healing my foot tattoo. You should be switching to the shoulders, chest, and triceps routine this week- it's a doozy, seriously did me in yesterday. Have fun!