Thursday, May 5, 2011


Ok, so we actually totally forgot about this blog, since we created it, but we're back! Lots of good things have been happening for us at Vegan Proteins, which has made us extremely busy! (In a good way of course!) Between moving, and working, and going to Veg fests, and moving, and oh, moving, our fitness has kinda slipped to the wayside, making us not-so-great ambassadors of our own products.

Although Giacomo and myself have been working out regularly and eating well, our workouts haven't had quite as much "oomph" as we'd like them to, and we have certainly been eating too much-although mostly good stuff! Recently we acquired the program P90X, and decided to dive in headfirst! There are so many amazing transformations that I've seen from dedicated people, that it seems to be pretty inspiring. However, upon looking more into the diet aspect of P90X, it is certainly NOT vegan friendly. Not even remotely. And a lot of the information that I found online, didn't really offer much insight as to how to replicate this type of diet without using animal products. We worked it, and tweaked it, and number crunched it, and we've gotten really close to the same macro ratios as the diet, as we want to keep you all informed as to what we are doing and how.

We have a bodyfat scale that seems pretty inaccurate, but for the sake of consistancy from week to week, that is what we will use.
DAY 1:

Dani- 24 year old who is fairly active and pretty strong although my cardiovascualr endurance is very much so lacking. Height- 5'7" (or 170 cm for you out of the country) Weight- 142.4lbs (64.5 kg) Bodyfat- 21% (awww man!)

Giacomo- 30 year old, overall strong, with good cardiovascular endurance. Height- 5'11"(180cm) Weight- 190lbs (86kg) Bodyfat-11%


Dani- My goal is pretty straight forward...135 lbs and 18% bodyfat. I don't like to drop much lower than this ever, anything under 130 is too far from my natural weight for my liking. On another note, I DESPERATELY WANT TO DO AN UNASSISTED PULLUP!!!!

Giacomo-"I'd like to be 180lbs, 7% bodyfat, and I'd like to increase strength, endurance, and especially flexibility."


Tomorrow is Day 6 of P90X for us, and we will update tomorrow with new information.

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  1. You guys are braver than I am with the bathing suit pictures! I am going to share a link to your blog on mine, if you don't mind...